Compliance Engineering

At PMC we will work directly with engineers, designers, compliance officers or management to insure all requirements are understsood and met. We offer a variety of services not limited to the below list, for pricing you may review our general service and recal campaign management by clicking this link.

United States Coast Guard Compliance

Working with manufacturers to help them understand the following USCG requirements:

Subpart B
(Display of Capacity)
Subpart C (Safe Loading)
Subpart F (Flotation Requirements for I/O and Air Boats)
Subpart G (Flotation Requirements for OB Boats rated for more than 2 HP)
Subpart H (Flotation Requirements for OB Boats rated for 2 HP or less)

Subpart B:
Display of Capacity Information
183.21 Applicability
183.23 Capacity Marking Required
183.25 Display of Markings
183.27 Construction of Markings

Subpart C:
Safe Loading
183.31 Applicability
Definitions of Terms Used in This Guideline
Determination of the Static Float-Plane
Calculation of the Maximum Displacement
Blank Form for the Calculation of Maximum Displacement
Example of Maximum Displacement Calculation
Category One: Inboard and Sterndrive Boats
183.33 Maximum Weight Capacity
183.39 Persons Capacity
Example of Calculations
Category Two: Outboard Boats
183.35 Maximum Weight Capacity
183.41 Persons Capacity
Example of Calculations
Manual Propulsion Boats and Boats Rated for Outboard Motors of 2 HP or Less
183.37 Maximum Weight Capacity
183.43 Persons Capacity  

USCG Test Tank boat testing for certification and safe loading

USGC Code Enforcement and Compliance for United States Boat Manufacturers