ABYC/NMMA Price Schedule
Each boat builder, model and situation are unique. Please contact us to discuss your needs for ABYC and NMMA certification.
Price schedule does not include mileage, dealer training, repair duration, or negotiated miscellaneous fees. Individual pricing below is for each style and/or model.

ABYC and NMMA Compliance price list for consulting engineer for American Boat and Yacht Council engineering services for compliance marine vessels.
General Consulting
$250.00 Per Hour
Common Services
Battery Install Pull Test: $550.00
Bow Eye Installation Test: $550.00
Fuel System Test: $1,100
Horn Test: $250.00
Lean Post Test: $550.00
Door Load Test: $550.00
Maneuvering Speed Test: $800.00
Reboarding Means & Attachment Test: $550.00
Seacock Assembly Static Load Test: $550.00
Seat Attachment Test: $550.00
Seat Fastener Pull Test: $550.00
Strong Point Test: $550.00
Type B Seat Test: $550.00
Windlass Installation Test: $1,100.00