NMMA Consulting
At PMC we will work directly with engineers, designers, compliance officers or management to insure all standards are understsood and met. We offer a variety of services not limited to the list below, for pricing you may review our general service and recall campaign management by clicking this link.

National Marine Manufacturers Association

PMC is dedicated to representing you with annual model submissions, new model-year submission and facilitation of all NMMA paperwork and requirements. General consulting or specific testing for compliance is available including team-training or 1:1 educational services for success with the NMMA. PMC offers NMMA consulting services covering the following Boats and Trailers.

NMMA Boat & Yacht Certification helps manufacturers ensure their boats are built to applicable standards set by the American Boats & Yacht Council (ABYC), and to promote their compliance to the public.

Participating boat manufacturers must submit applications for all models; each model must be physically inspected by an NMMA inspector annually. To achieve Certification, a manufacturer must demonstrate that all variances found during the inspection have been corrected. The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that all production units are manufactured in compliance with the certified design.

Program participants must certify all recreational models (except racing craft) marketed in the U.S.A. for non-commercial use.

The annual requirements for NMMA Certification are outlined in the certification agreement and published policies/documents. The standards used each model year are outlined within the Standards Basis.Source: nmma.org

NMMA The National Marine Manufacturer Association