ABYC Consulting
At PMC we will work directly with engineers, designers, compliance officers or management to insure all standards are understsood and met. We offer a variety of services not limited to the below list, for pricing you may review our general service and recall campaign management by clicking this link.

American Boat & Yacht Council

Working with manufacturers to comply with the following standards and technical information reports for small craft. You may review the entire complete list of standards by clicking this link, although a membership is required to view the entire list. PMC has extensive experience improving OEM boat manufacturers improving process and implementation for compliance.

Standards are the core of ABYC as they are continuously researched, developed, and revised by over 400 volunteer marine professionals on 16 Project Technical Committees (PTCs) from all fields of the industry, including the US Coast Guard (USCG), trade organizations, and private entities. ABYC collaborates with safety organizations worldwide such as Transport Canada and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Standards and Technical Information Reports for Small Craft covers all the major boat systems and the development and annual review of these standards correlates directly to the significant reduction in the number of boating accidents over the past six decades.

Today, 90% of boats on the water are built to ABYC standards and over 3,000 technicians are trained and certified by ABYC so that boats are maintained with highest level of technical expertise. Source: ABYCinc.org

USGC Code Enforcement and Compliance for United States Boat Manufacturers