Regulatory compliance excellence. PMC is dedicated to helping you build safe, legal and compliance boats.
Individual and personalized team training. From an ABYC refresher to complete compliance of new models.
Marine Toolkit
Effective tools for your organization. Complete outsource your compliance or graduate your team to experts.
Upon request, complete industry veteran references to solidify your confidence in your new USCF compliance partners.

USCG Compliance for US Federal Law

The United States Coast Guard, division of Homeland Security protects the public with the enforcement of CFR (Code of Federal Regulation) for US Marine Manufacturers. PMC Consultants are experts in all segments, lengths and applications that are governed by the USCG.

The United States Coast Guard is the coastal defense and maritime law enforcement branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the country's seven uniformed services (source).
National Marine Manufacturer Association. Consulting to build and comply with NMMA requirements by using ABYC standards.

The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) is the nation’s leading trade association representing boat, marine engine and accessory manufacturers. Collectively, NMMA members manufacture an estimated 80 percent of marine products used in North America.

NMMA is a unifying force and powerful voice for the recreational boating industry, working to strengthen and grow boating and protect the interests of its member companies (source).
NMMA Consulting, boat building beyond ABYC Standards.
The National Marine Manufacturers Association standards exceed the USCG (United States Coast Guard). PMC consultants are on-site to ensure you are prepared for your NMMA inspections, re-certification and new model readiness.
ABYC Certification for Marine Manufacturers
The American Boat and Yacht Councel sets the standards for safe construction of boats and yachts internationally. PMC consultants are available in design, concept and production capacity to ensure ABYC compliance including reactive maintenance.
The American Boat and Yacht Council provides the technical standards for safe, compliant boat construction and manufacturing.

The American Boat and Yacht Council is a non-profit organization which sets standards for the safe construction and maintenance of boats in the United States. It is a standards development member of the American National Standards Institute (source).

You can learn more about the ABYC by clicking here.

You can find the Precision Marine Consulting page in the official ABYC Member Directory by clicking this link.